Elsie and Columbia drrypoint engraving renfered by Howie Hosenfeld who Marine Artist speciales in Scrimshaw and Scrimshaw copper plates,  drypoint engraving.
Howard Rosenfeld, Friday Harbor Art Studio
Marine Artist specializing in Scrimshaw and Scrimshaw copper plates,  drypoint engraving.

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CW Morgan
Charles W. Morgan


Years of sailing on traditional ships, schooners and sloops led to an all-encompassing interest into the construction, maintenance and handling of traditional sailing vessels. Sailing on a replica whaler led to the study of whales and participation in whale research. I've since established my credentials as an artist of sea life and historic ship portraits in scrimshaw, drypoint engraving and carving (Free Willy II amulet). Awards include four Mystic Internationals. I am a signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) since 1982. My studio/gallery, Friday Harbor Art Studio, is going into its 23rd year.

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I have been doing custom scrimshaw for over 45 years. I specialize in ship/sailboat portraits but have done everything from people to horses to helicopters, as large presentation pieces, belt buckles, pendants and plaques. When I began whale's teeth had no commercial value and were being given away. Later, when ivory became controversial, I began to 'scrimshaw' copper plates which is drypoint engraving, a non-acid etching technique that dates from 1400. The engraved copper plate is used for pressing limited edition prints where each print is individually hand inked, wiped and pulled.  As a professional picture framer, custom framing is also available using acid free, art conservation presentations.  I sometimes add scrimshaws on antique piano keys, mammoth or fossil walrus ivory to the framed prints (click on About Me for more).

At this time I am not accepting scrimshaw commissions.

Ernest K. Gann, author and aviator (1910-1991), was represented by Friday Harbor Art Studio. Ernie's oil paintings, sketches and books, some signed, are on display. An Estate authorized Giglee print Winter, North Atlantic is a FHAS production.

Hand Colored Drypoint Engraving

Lady Washington and Columbia
Lady Washington and Columbia

Elsie and Columbia
Elsie and Columbia



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