Elsie and Columbia
Howard Rosenfeld, Friday Harbor Art Studio


A beauty of ivory is it's workability from fine carving to scrimshaw. It lends itself to many expressive forms, especially in jewelry. I use mostly old, recycled and fossil ivories which also vary in hardness. My cat wears a fossil walrus (a hard ivory) scrimshaw name tag that still looks good after 13 years.

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Cuff Link Set (example of custom set showing two views of the U.S.S. Constitution)

Free Willy 2 Amulet

Cast from the original I carved for the film out of fossilized walrus ivory.

1 x 1 inches, was available In:

Buff Color Plastic (sold out - no longer in production)
Grey Color Pewter metal  (sold out - no longer in production)

Mortgage Button: one of three mortgage button  commissions made for those carrying on this New England tradition.

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