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Howard Rosenfeld, Friday Harbor Art Studio

Private Collections Of My Scrimshaw Art

I learned Scrimshaw the old fashioned way: out at sea, sailing aboard many tall ships learning the details of hull, rig and sail. All art is on real ivory. Most are fossil pieces and all meet US federal legal requirements for ivory art work. Please Contact Me For Custom Designs To Order


Scrimshaw on 12” (30.5 cm) tagged walrus tusk (tag put inside silver base after cracked bottom of tusk cut off). Approximately 1984.

I like to show the whale (sperm) winning. This did happen often making whaling a very dangerous job.

I’ve foreshortened the whale to get both the head and tail in the composition. I’ve shown all the gear a typical whaleboat carried and the dress typical of the crew.

Sold to Australia





Scrimshaw on a 27” (68.5 cm) tall tagged
(legal) walrus tusk


First Place Award Scrimshaw, Third Annual International Maritime Art Awards Show, 1982,
Mystic Seaport, CT, USA


A somewhat idealized double portrait of Mystic Seaport’s greatest treasure, the whaler CHARHLES W. MORGAN built in 1841, is shown as she appeared at two stages in her career.

After her last working voyage in 1921 the MORGAN was rerigged as she was thought to have appeared early in her career with ship rig, single topsails and the painted faux gunports characteristic to merchantmen and whalers during much of the 19 th century.

The reverse shows as she looks today, a bark with split topsails and the plain topsides typical of whalers in the latter years of sailing whalers.


On display at Scrimshaw Gallery, Sausalito, CA


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Scrimshaw on 8 ½” (27.5 cm) fossil walrus artifact

Second Place Award Scrimshaw, Second Annual International Maritime Art Awards Show,
Mystic Seaport, CT, USA 1981

A scene typical to New Bedford in the 1880’s. From left ship NIGER is hove down for re-coppering; schooner CAMEO drying sails; bark SUNBEAM at the wharf readying for sea with her whaleboats gathered off her stern; the recently returned CHARLES W. MORGAN drying sails and being unloaded; bark TROPIC BIRD drying sails at anchor awaiting a berth. Purposely depicted are various rigs and hull types of the period.

In the artist’s collection





Scrimshaw on 4 ½” tall mammoth ivory set into rosewood desk stand. About 1996.


Private commission for owner from plans during construction.



Woodson K. Woods collection


Scrimshaw on 6” (15 cm) sperm whale tooth, 2000

Famous Confederate raider that ravaged Yankee whalers and merchantmen in the Pacific during the Civil War but caused no loss of life. The end of war terminated plan to attack San Francisco.

John Bradley collection





Scrimshaw on 5” (12.6 cm) sperm whale tooth.



Built in 1816, refitted as whaler in 1831 in New Bedford MA and worked until 1864. Done from plans purchased from New Bedford Whaling Museum.



Collection of Thomas Wells, IACH, ASMA





Scrimshaw on 6” (15 cm) sperm whale tooth with koa wood base as part of a 12 tooth set of Hawaiian royalty and the state seal done between 1977-1983.



Last located Maui, HI

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